ALTRO K30 for Kitchen

Specified throughout the world, Altro's unique safety flooring system has been reducing slip and fall accidents for over fifty years. No other flooring has such an unchallenged reputation for slip resistance, durability and hygiene. Nor can other companies offer such a wide range of practical floorings, which solve so many individual problems. Our experience in seamless installations that comply with international hygiene regulations is unsurpassed, as is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Stringent quality control, from raw material to finished product, has resulted in installations that have retained slip and wear resistance, colour and hygiene properties for over twenty years.

Features :
- 3mm thick flooring
- Quartz content for durability
- Specially designed for areas with constant spillage of water/grese etc
- Some chemical and acid resistance
- Altro Easyclean Technology
- Extra slip resistance (R12)

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