Graboplast is the leading interior designer manufacturer in Central Europe. The Company has celebrated its 100 Years Anniversary in 2005, which appoints Graboplast as a solid and reliable partner in our fast changing world.

Our main products are floorcoverings, although the company was founded for artificial leather production in 1905. We have been always trying to accommodate our activity to the market trends.

We are present with our products in more than 40 countries all around the world. We focus our sales on a wide range of different target-oriented floorcovering materials: transport floorings, sport floorings, special floorcoverings, CV floorings, wooden parquets and wallcoverings.

Grabo Residential Floorings

The residential vinyl floorings combine technical knowledge with attractive appearance. The technical properties are ensured by continuous innovation, the designs fitted to the latest home decoration trends are created in the design studio of Graboplast. The patterns adjusted to the different trend styles make Grabo vinyl floorings suitable to fitting into any inside area by giving an excellent decoration.

Grabo Commercial Floorings

Graboplast zRt - using close to 40 years of experience in heterogeneous vinyl flooring production - offers innovative solutions for every technical and design demands, for different field of commercial applications. Our special heterogeneous vinyl sheet floorings posses such kind of basic- and innovative characteristics, which assure unique advantages to our partners both from point of technical performance, appearance and business view.

Grabo Sport Floorings

Graboplast Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in the field of flexible heterogeneous vinyl flooring production for indoor sport halls. Our main strength is developing special foams with high-level technical characteristics, which are more than important in influencing the performance of the sports floors.

Grabo HealthCare Floorings

Grabo HealthCare commercial vinyl floorings offer adequate answers to every application area of healthcare. We have developed several innovative solutions definitely to the healthcare segment, among others the CLP system, which makes the surface-treatments unnecessary both after installation and in the whole life time of the Grabo floorings. Hardly can it be pointed out enough in a healthcare institute. In Grabo HealthCare range we offer products with acoustical characteristics, which could mean more advantages in certain places. Certainly the high wear resistance, the flammability, the iod-resistance, the good slip-resistance and the low smoke emission - all of these characteristics are increasing the products’ performances.

Grabo Public Floorings

Our commercial heterogeneous vinyl floorings can be adjusted to the extremely divergent demands made by the commercial areas. Once it can shed into the atmosphere of the shop, once it can give an accent, a special individuality. The special demands of this field emphasize the importance of technical performance beside the aesthetical questions. The premium products of this range are hall-marked with extremely durability, high wear- and slip resistance.

Grabo Education Floorings

The heterogenious vinyl sheet floorcoverings collected into Grabo Education range mean perfect investments into the future, as this is an important question, how safe and how aesthetical environment surrounds our kids in schools. At the same it has to be a matter what kind of surface they are running on, walking - as in each society are widespread diseases the different kind of spinal complaints. Thus we have developed our products in the interest of their physical fitness, but beside this, we have taken meticulous care in creating the designs offered for this application, in order to help to establish a harmonic, aesthetical environment to our children. Certainly we have not forgot neither the economical questions (included installation, maintenance), thus in this information sites we help you to make your best choice in view of price/value ratio with the assistance of different tables and pictures.