IHS has manufactured Dual Line and Progressive lubricating systems for heavy duty machines used for steel making plants and many other plants.

We developed a unique small sized single line AUTO-GREASTAR System patented for the first time in the world through our successful study on simple, compact and lightweight design.

The AUTO-GREASTAR System is now being used in many fields, including construction machines, machine-tools, paper making machines, industrial machines, printing machines, etc.

Particularly, the AUTO-GREASTAR used for vehicles is one of our major products; 5,500,000 (1990) have already been delivered to users since it was released to the market, being highly evaluated together with the autogreastar used for industrial machines.

The AUTO-GREASTAR System is simple in construction incorporating pump, distributor, controller, etc. It is capable of lubricating grease automatically on time to a miximum of 60 lubricating points without regard to distance and bearing back-pressure.


1. Accurate lubrication Opening cycle is counted by the controller and the pump starts operating at a set time. When pressurized grease from the pump comes out of the distributor, the indicator rod is activated to operate the micro switch, whereby the pump stops operating. (Manual running distance controller is available optionally).

2. Excellent precise quantitative lubrication Grease is lubricated quantitatively; the amount of grease to be lubricated at a time corresponds to the stroke of the piston in the distributor.

3. Motor driven lubricating pump This pump is of a compact high performance type that is unique in the world. Unlike a pneumatic type pump, grease is lubricated by driving a motor so it is excellent in quantitative lubrication and minimizes the work and cost for installation of air piping, etc.

4. High-pressure type motor driven pump The discharge pressure of the standard type pump is 150 kg/cm2 which is applicable to NLGI No. 00 & 0.

5. Labor saving and safety Because of full automatic operation, vehicles need not be stopped for lubrication, reducing the work for greasing, ensuring reliable lubrication, eliminating dirty work and preventing dangers.

6. Die-casting distributor Four kinds of high quality distributors (4, 6, 8 and 12 discharge ports) have been realized by mass production system. By attaching the M-type distributor, the amount of grease to be discharged can be selected from 0,3 CC to 3 CC per lubricating points.

7. Easy check on lubrication The single line progressive operation system assures easy check on lubrication. Improper lubricating point is detected immediately when an alarm is emitted.

8. Elimination of bothersome air purging Air purging is not required, in the event of entry of a small amount of air into the piping (NLGI No. 00 & 0).